Get Access To Over 150 Museums For FREE!

Get Access To Over 150 Museums For Free

You can get access to over 150 museums in 31 states for free.  Yes, I said free.  In fact you may already have access and not even know it.


Museums on Us

Bank of America has an amazing program called Museums on Us.  The program gives you free access to tons of museums on the first full weekend of every month.  To take advantage of this program, all you need is to have a Bank of America credit card or debit card.  Taking advantage of this program will give you general access to any of the participating museums.


How To Get Free Access

To get in to a museum for free, all you need to do is show up on the first full weekend of the month.  You will need to show your photo id and your Bank of America credit/debit card.  You will then get a free ticket to the museum.  No strings attached.  No excuses not to get out there and learn something about history.  :-)


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List of museums available:


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