Paper Airplane Games

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Paper Airplane Games

Paper airplane games are a great way for kids to have fun for free!  Entertaining the kids can be expensive some times.  Even if you do something inexpensive every few days, it still adds up.  I found that playing paper airplane games is a great way to save money and your kids will love it.


Paper Airplane Games

You may be wondering, what are paper airplane games?  Simply put, paper airplane games are games that you play with paper airplanes.  ;-)   But they really are.  At our house, everyone makes paper airplanes and we fly them for different competitions.  Here is a list of the different paper airplane games that we play:

  • Who can fly the longest distance
  • Who can land their airplane on a small table
  • Who can fly their airplane the fastest
  • Who can do the best trick
  • Who can fly their airplane in to a little waste paper basket
  • Who has the best looking/colorful airplane


Where To Get Good Paper Airplane Designs

There are tons of resources online to get designs for your paper airplane games.  Here are my favorite ones:


Note: This is always very important in our house.  Everyone is a winner of at least one paper airplane game!

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