Make Crayons From Broken Crayons

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Make Crayons From Broken Crayons

If you have kids, then you have crayons.  If you have crayons, then you have broken crayons.  But instead of throwing away your broken crayons, here is what I do to make fun new crayons for the kids use.


Make Crayons From Broken Crayons

Crayons are very easily broken.  In my family, we don’t just throw them out.  We save them and make crayons from the broken crayons.  Here’s how we make crayons from broken crayons:

  1. Peal the label off of the broken crayons
  2. Sort the crayons in to a silicone muffin pan
  3. Break any large pieces in to the smaller pieces
  4. Preheat your oven to 275 F
  5. Place muffin pan in oven until the crayons are melted
  6. Remove the muffin pan and stir up the crayons to make sure it’s mixed
  7. Let the crayons cool
  8. Pop the new crayons out of the silicone muffin pan


NOTE: We also like to make rainbow crayons.  To do this, just mix up any colors that you want.  The effect is pretty cool.


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