How To Get The Most For Your Junk Car

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How To Get The Most For Your Junk Car

If you have a broken down car that you want to get rid of, one option is selling it.  Everyone has seen the signs that say “I buy junk cars”, but how do you get the best price?  Are all buyers about the same?  In this post, we will go over a few tips to get more money for your car that I learned while selling my junk car.


Why Do People Buy Junk Cars?

There are a couple reasons that people buy junk cars.  Most of the people that buy the cars own junk yards.  They let the car sit in the junk yard with the possibility of people buying it outright (to fix it up or use it for parts).  Most of the time they do not sell the car whole, mechanics will buy parts off the junk cars to fix running cars.


Tips For Getting The Most For Your Junk Car

  • Always know the value of your car.  Go to Kelly Blue Book ( to find out how much your car is worth.  This will give you a starting point when you call the junkers.
  • Don’t just call one person.  The people buying the cars are easy to work with.  I suggest calling as many people as you can find.   Every person will give you a different amount for the car.  Sometimes the difference could be hundreds.
  • When you talk to junk car buyers, always start with a high number.  If you want to get $300 for your car, tell them you want $450 for it.  They will come back and offer you less… every time.  Hopefully they will meet you at what you really want.
  • Don’t waste your time with online places.  Even though the websites that buy junk cars are convenient, they don’t give you nearly as much money as what local buyers give you.
  • Offer to drop off the car.  Most junk car buyers will pay you an extra $50 to drive the car to them.  This is easy money.


Good Luck.  Remember, ALWAYS have both parties sign the title at the secretary of state office.  Don’t just trust the person that you are selling the car to.  This can really protect you from nefarious people.


  1. monggo says:

    If i have a lots of junk cars im really sure im gonna be rich.. Thanks for the Wonderful Post

  2. Alfredlewis says:

    It is always advisable to know the value of your junk car because it worth you alot and if its parts are working properly then it give you more money than just junk. Make sure to check all the things and then call.

  3. Mike says:

    There are many professional scrap car recycler out there, you should consider them for the removal of your junk car as they provide eco-friendly scrap car disposal and pay you instant cash on the spot.

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